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A symbol depicting a knee joint, that represents BionicGym's ability to deliver exercise that is gentle on joints,. It allows those with aches and pains to still exercise while sitting or lying down.

Gentle On Joints

A symbol depicting a heart, representing BionicGym's ability to improve aerobic fitness.

Increase Aerobic Fitness

What is BionicGym?

The ultimate exercise companion, BionicGym has been specially designed to provide ultra-convenient exercise from the comfort of your home.

BionicGym revolutionizes how we can stay active by harnessing the power of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). This wearable technology mimics shivering, delivering electrical impulses to the large muscles of the legs causing them to contract and relax as if on autopilot.

The ability to customize the intensity of your workout from the BionicGym App allows you to choose between a low-to-moderate intensity cardio workout that seamlessly integrates into your other daily activities, or a higher intensity workout that gets you sweating and significantly raises your heart rate.

Experience the convenience of wearable cardio now with BionicGym.

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Ellen DeGeneres, of the Ellen DeGeneres Show in the United States, who featured BionicGym on has a segment on her show.

"You have to

see this..."

Ellen Degeneres | US TV

Dr Xand, the presenter of the Channel 4 show 'How to Lose Weight Well' discussed BionicGym on television with Dr Louis Crowe, founder of BionicGym.

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Dr. Xand, Channel 4 | UK TV

Martin King and Ray Foley interviewed Dr Louis Crowe, founder of BionicGym, on their Television show 'The Six O'Clock Show'.

"Fight the fat

watching TV"

Martin King, Ray Foley | UK&IE TV

The importance of

Cardio Exercise

for New Moms

Getting back to exercise after having your child is a very important part of the postpartum process.

Cardio exercise in particular has a wide variety of benefits. These include aiding in the postpartum recovery process, improving mental wellbeing, increased energy levels, weight management, improving cardiovascular health and improves self-esteem.

However, the postpartum time period presents unique challenges that can make getting back to exercise more difficult. New mothers often face limited time and energy due to the demands of caring for a newborn, adjusting to a new routine, and coping with disrupted sleep. Balancing responsibilities, recovering from childbirth, and navigating physical and emotional changes can create additional hurdles.


Ultra-Convenient Exercise

with BionicGym

BionicGym's unique ability to make exercise a part your existing lifestyle helps to overcome the unique challenged faced by parents.

By using EMS technology, BionicGym offers a controlled and gradual workout that is exceptionally efficient, making exercise feasible even when energy and motivation are low, and time is at a premium.

Beginning a BionicGym workout is as easy as:

Meet Nancy

A New Mom Succeeding with BionicGym

After having her child, Nancy struggled to achieve her weight loss goals of 'fitting back into her normal clothes'. Time limitations that go along with caring for a newborn while also getting back to her work meant finding the time to devote to exercise a real challenge

But with the help of BionicGym, Nancy has managed to lose over 20 pounds.

By strapping on her BionicGym, Nancy was able to supercharge her calorie burn, shaking an extra 400 - 500 calories per workout, all while she worked. She also gradually elevated her heart-rate to 140-180 beats per minute during her BionicGym sessions, allowing her to get the cardiovascular benefits of exercise too!

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How BionicGym Works:

Nature' hack is to burn calories by shivering in order to warm us up.

What if we could hack this, so to speak? Flipping this process on its head so the main goal is not to heat up but instead to deliver a workout and burn calories?

BionicGym achieves exactly this, stimulating the muscle fibers of the legs at the optimum frequency. With each shiver the muscle fibers use energy and therefore burn calories. Optimize the rate of this frequency and stimulate as many fibers as possible and the results are a vigorous workout that burns hundreds of calories per hour.

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Dr. Louis, inventor of BionicGym explains it from a medical perspective:

What happens is that more muscle fibers contract and relax at this biologically special rate. And that’s where the BionicGym magic comes in. Impulses through the BionicGym wraps stimulate the motor-neurons (nerves-to-muscles) in the legs and gluteal muscles (bum), telling them to contract repeatedly. (The muscles relax or lengthen by themselves).

This underlying technology, Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) - also known as EMS and TENS - has been around for 60-70 years. It was thought that this technology could not provide aerobic exercise. (Even the FDA thought it wasn’t possible.) BionicGym has changed all that.

By inducing enough muscles to actively contract at optimal rates, they shout out for blood to supply oxygen and energy. When that happens, your heart pumps harder and faster to deliver this blood.

The result is that BionicGym trains both your cardio system and your muscles. You become more breathless and in time heat up – even sweat. After all, shivering is nature’s way of warming you up.

I've done thousands of mini-experiments to optimize the technology.... and then followed up with peer-reviewed scientific studies.

Dr Louis Crowe

These studies show that the technology stimulates your muscles in a way that uses sugar as the main energy source - like intense exercise, as opposed to walking or easy exercise. I’ve done these studies in universities and hospitals in three countries.

We’ve even worked with the European Space Agency and tested it in zero gravity, proving there's no need to pound your joints to get aerobic exercise. I’ve suffered for and been elated with the science. Please feel free to read more on our website and also read the peer-reviewed scientific publications. If you want, you can also see BionicGym reviews and success stories. I hope that you find BionicGym useful for yourself, as well.

With Gratitude,

Dr Louis


To help make the world healthier, fitter and hopefully even happier through exercise.

Meet Tressa

Integrating BionicGym into here busy work and family life.

Having tried everything to lose the weight she gained during the pregnancies of her two children, Tressa was at a loss as to what to do to make the progress she so desperately wanted to make.

Everything changed when she began working out with BionicGym!

Tressa burned an additional 500+ calories each day using Bionicgym while she completed household chores, answered emails and went about her day. "Stuff I was gonna do anyway", she says, "but I certainly woudn't have knocked 550 calories off by just moving around the house."

Tressa has lost well over 30 pounds now, her energy levels have increased, her resting heart-rate

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