A person begins to insert the control unit into the BionicGym wraps, before beginning their BionicGym cardio workout to help them on their Weight Loss Journey.

Burn Calories

on Autopilot

Supercharge your calorie burn with BionicGym.

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A person begins to insert the control unit into the BionicGym wraps, before beginning their BionicGym cardio workout to help them on their Weight Loss Journey.

Burn Calories

on Autopilot

Supercharge your calorie burn with BionicGym.

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Burn Calories

Gentle On Joints

Increase Aerobic Fitness

FDA Cleared

The truth is...

Weight Loss is Hard!

It's really really hard, in fact. Every year millions of people set themselves the goal to lose weight, and every year many fall short. And it's not through lack of trying...

It can be incredibly frustrating, because the fact of the matter is that the deck is stacked against us. Our lifestyles nowadays mean we are less active than ever, we sit in cars to get around, take the elevator up to our office, sit behind a desk todo most of our work, and by the time we get home we want to take some time to relax. So what do we do? We sit down and watch television.

Not only that, our food is against us too! The foods we rely on for a convenient breakfast, a rushed lunch or stress-free dinner are not always the nutrient-rich, healthy option they claim to be, often brimming with ingredients that aren't doing us much good.

Well, what if we said we could help you on your journey?

Diet + Exercise = Weight Loss

BionicGym can be your Exercise

BionicGym delivers exercise by sending electrical impulses into the largest muscle groups in the body, the thigh muscles, making them contract and relax at the ideal frequency, causing your body to burn calories as if on autopilot.

As your muscles work harder they begin to call out to your body for energy and oxygen so they can keep working, making your heart race and your lungs work harder, just like other forms of exercise.

BionicGym's unique approach to delivering exercise has some incredible benefits:

Allows you to make exercise a part of other tasks like working at a desk, household chores or relaxation time, supercharging your calorie burn.

Delivers exercise that is gentle on joints, meaning you can work out without aggravating any aches or pains that other forms of exercise may trigger.

Backed by 20+ years of peer-reviewed scientific research and thousands of happy, active users.

A woman standing in her home office wearing her BionicGym as she burns calories while working from home.

Don't take our word for it...

Here's what our community has to say:

Getting back in shape after giving birth

Nancy Abell is using Bionicgym as part of her post partum weight loss journey, losing over 20 pounds.

Integrating Exercise into Work & Gaming

Lasse Kronberg uses BionicGym to Supercharge his work and gaming sessions, losing over 33 pounds while he multitasks.

Busy mom burning calories at home

Tressa uses BionicGym while doing household chores, burning over 500 calories per hour!

Don't just take our word for it...

Here's what the community has to say:

Our specially designed BionicGym wraps are worn on the thighs to deliver electrical impulses to these muscles in order to burn calories and sugar.

But, how does it work?

First, consider this:

Nature' hack is to burn calories by shivering in order to warm us up.

Our specially designed BionicGym wraps are worn on the thighs to deliver electrical impulses to these muscles in order to burn calories and sugar.

What if we could hack this, so to speak? Flipping this process on its head so the main goal is not to heat up but instead to deliver a workout and burn calories?

BionicGym achieves exactly this, stimulating the muscle fibers of the legs at the optimum frequency. With each shiver the muscle fibers use energy and therefore burn calories. Optimize the rate of this frequency and stimulate as many fibers as possible and the results are a vigorous workout that burns hundreds of calories per hour.

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Dr. Louis, inventor of BionicGym explains it from a medical perspective:

What happens is that more muscle fibers contract and relax at this “biologically special” rate. And that’s where the BionicGym “magic” comes in. Impulses through the BionicGym wraps stimulate the motor-neurons (nerves-to-muscles) in the legs and gluteal muscles (bum), telling them to contract repeatedly. (The muscles relax or lengthen by themselves).

This underlying technology, Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) - also known as EMS and TENS - has been around for 60-70 years. It was thought that this technology could not provide aerobic exercise. (Even the FDA thought it wasn’t possible.) BionicGym has changed all that.

By inducing enough muscles to actively contract at optimal rates, they shout out for blood to supply oxygen and energy. When that happens, your heart pumps harder and faster to deliver this blood.

The result is that BionicGym trains both your cardio system and your muscles. You become more breathless and in time heat up – even sweat. After all, shivering is nature’s way of warming you up.

A diagram explaining how BionicGym stimulates the muscles, causing them to cry out for energy and and oxygen, causing the heart to pump faster and lungs to work harder.

I've done thousands of mini-experiments to optimize the technology.... and then followed up with peer-reviewed scientific studies.

Dr Louis Crowe

A woman straps on her BionicGym before she begins a workout.

Just like Intense Exercise...

BionicGym delves into your Sugar Reserves...

by stimulating fast-twitch muscle fibres.

This ability to burn sugar is BionicGym's secret weapon. By targeting special muscle-fibres that soak up sugar like a sponge, we train our bodies' to become more metabolically flexible, improving our ability to burn both sugar and fat.

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Our Approach

Train with BionicGym for 60 minutes per day, 5 times per week.

Start with the BionicGym Start Here! programs increasing the intensity gradually both between and during workout sessions.

Progress to to the PRO workouts when the BionicGym Start Here workouts are no longer challenging you.

For Faster Results

Try using BionicGym for more prolonged periods, roughly 4-6 hours, while you complete other tasks.

Programs such as Glucose Gobblers and Less Cardio, More Discreet are favourites for increasing calorie and sugar burn while you multitask.

Pro Weight Loss Tip

Do a BionicGym session after your last meal of the day to allow your body to burn extra sugar before you sleep.

Consider trying a Keto diet. BionicGym's ability to burn sugar at such an incredible rate may help accelerate your transition into ketosis.

About Keto

When I am using BionicGym...

How many Calories can I Burn?

In a single high intensity session, BionicGym users who have acclimated to the workouts can burn 500+ calories per hour, with many users reporting to burn much more than this. Choosing workouts like Twinkle Toes Calf++ while standing up is a brilliant method to achieve this.

If you opt for a lower intensity approach, using BionicGym programs such as Glucose Gobblers or Less Cardio More Discreet for 4-6 hours per day while you work at a desk or do other tasks, you can supercharge your active calorie burn to over 1000 calories while you multitask.

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A person shows their workout stats after a BionicGym session during which they burned over 100 calories in 2 hours.

For the 4 - 6 hours per day (while using BionicGym) my heart-rate is around 110bpm and generally for the entire period I burn between 1000cals to 1200cals per day just bouncing like this at work.

Tamkin Amin

A lady sits on her couch using the BionicGym mobile app to control her BionicGym workout.

Should I consider a particular.....

Diet with BionicGym?

Diet + Exercise = Weight Loss

Healthy and sustained weight loss, as we said before is the key to success. Any positive change in diet will help with your weight loss journey. But are there any particular diets that work best with BionicGym?

Well as a matter of fact there is! A Keto diet is particularly effective thanks to BionicGym's ability to stimulate fast twitch muscle fibres, which soak up sugar like a sponge. This is particularly beneficial as the goal of a keto diet is to transition our bodies to burn more fat by depleting our body's sugar stores. Because BionicGym's workouts naturally delve into our sugar stores we can transition our body into ketosis, the technical term for the state when our body's burn fat for energy rather than sugar, much more efficiently and even transition us back into ketosis after a keto slip.

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