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“You have to see this” – Ellen DeGeneres

As researched with The European Space Agency

BionicGym is a new kind of exercise machine

Most forms of exercise require mental effort.  BionicGym is different. It exercises you….

How does BionicGym work?

1) You place the control unit into one of the wraps: 

The control unit lasts approximately 4 hours on a full charge

2) You position the wraps around your thighs: 

Wraps are contoured and comfortable to fit your legs 

3) Using the app, choose a setting to “remote control” your workout. BionicGym then exercises you.

The app is iOS or Android compatible

4) Sit down, watch TV, a movie, or play a game while doing your workout.

When using BionicGym, your legs feel like they are shivering, without the discomfort of coldness.

(5) BionicGym will boost your heart rate and burn calories fast – building your fitness & supporting fat loss. 

Afterwards you’ll feel refreshed. You can even get a runners high.
[Note: no ‘ordinary’ exercise – this extremely intense BionicGym session was tough and done by someone who was very fit!]

PROVEN: Based on peer-reviewed research

  • Invented by a Medical Doctor
  • 8 published, peer-reviewed scientific papers
  • Researched with The European Space Agency

There are two models to choose between:


Standard workouts with easy to moderate intensity. You can double your calorie burn rate while working and stay fitter.

BionicGym PRO (+HIIT Mode) 

More suited to those who wish to train hard, do intense workouts or high intensity interval training.

How can you use this wearable exercise machine? 

  • Ultra convenient: Do easy or intense workouts sitting on sofa or at desk.
  • Burn calories fast:  Burn 500+ cals/hr supporting fat loss.  As part of a lifestyle of healthy diet and exercise – BionicGym can help you achieve your goals.
  • Gentle on joints: Train with less pounding on the joints* 
    *NB: if you have an injury or a medical problem you should consult with your doctor.
  • Train your heart: Boost heart rate to cardio zone for fitness & freshness.
  • You’re in control: Use app to control the intensity, mode and duration.

Please note: This is an exercise device; not intended for medical or rehabilitation purposes.

As seen in:

“Revolutionary…  the invention is brilliant” – MoneyInc.

“Note: This is not for the lazy! This is real exercise; we love exercise of all sorts!

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Pre-order NOW on Indiegogo

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Using BionicGym for the first time