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It trains you!

The wearable device that trains you hard and burns calories (500+ per hour).
Shivering = Nature’s hack to burn calories.
BionicGym mimics this with electrical impulses.
Easy calorie burn at work or INTENSE cardio watching TV.
18 years research, peer-reviewed publications, Space Agency collaboration.
Invented by our own Dr Louis Crowe – who’s done a marathon equivalent on the couch!
Indiegogo backers getting amazing results.

An App and a Wrap...

You control the exercise intensity on your phone - from easy to tough, VERY tough! Wraps on your thighs send impulses contracting your big leg muscles (including your glutes/bum and calves).


Proven in Clinical Studies

A dozen scientific publication in peer-reviewed journals, e.g. in the official journals of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (USA), the American Society of Exercise Physiology, the British Medical Journal Open. Research and collaborations across multiple institutions in 3 countries. We've even evaluated it in zero-gravity with the European Space Agency! "It works up there too!".

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We mimic shivering!
Nature’s hack..

Shivering is Nature's Hack to warm up / burn calories without 'doing anything'. The muscle contractions are optimized to burn calories. We mimic these... but bring in much more muscle bulk. The muscle fibers need oxygen and sugar to burn... so your heart races to pump the blood and you become breathless. At higher intensities you warm up and sweat.

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At low levels (say, equivalent to walking) you can even work at a computer, either sitting or standing. As you increase the intensity you sweat and it becomes harder and then impractical to work. It is tough - this is how you know you're training hard.

Is BionicGym for you

BionicGym can train you in a new and astonishingly effective way. It is intended for the healthy who can train vigorously. If you have a medical problem please first consult your doctor.


Let's break records,
New training stimulus = new body adaptations.

Regular guys/girls

Busy days, rainy
weather, can't face the gym again
but want to look and be your best.

Overweight men

This will help you be fitter and healthier.

Note: Diet + Exercise = success

Overweight women

This version of BionicGym is not for women >16 stone*.

*Many women >224lbs /101kg do not train intensely enough with it in comfort. (Very sporty women are exceptions).

Inventor & CEO Dr. Louis Crowe

A medical doctor who likes to experiment and push his body to the limits (for science!). He noted something remarkable while swimming in the cold Atlantic Ocean... something that he believed could help millions of people... twenty hard years of research later, he brings you BionicGym.

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BionicGym in numbers

The most crowdfunded fitness-product in history

3300000 $ Raised in funds
95 Countries
7000+ Backers


Just did leg extensions for the first time in 5 years. Zero pain.

– Denise

I can now wear jeans again

– Matthias

I can now run after my toddler without running out of breath

– Oma

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March 07, 2019
How it Works

How it Works

We mimic shivering!  Nature’s hack.. Nature’s way of creating heat or burning calories is to i-Ovshiver.  As you get colder you shiver more intensely but at the same rate (7-8Hz)....

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March 06, 2019
The Scientific Proof

The Scientific Proof

How and why it works: We mimic shivering! A calorie is a unit of heat. When the body wants to warm up / burn calories it shivers. There is this...

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January 24, 2019
It began with an epiphany !

It began with an epiphany !

Twenty years ago, Dr Louis Crowe, an Irish Medical Doctor, went for a swim in the cold Irish sea, an had an epiphany that would change the course of his life....

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