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Upgrade to PRO-HIIT

Upgrade to PRO-HIIT


    Unleash the full power of BionicGym!

    You already have BionicGym (thanks!) and want to upgrade to the PRO + HIIT version. For athletes, sportspeople and those who want intense workouts. More powerful training modes but still gentle on your joints. Burn calories faster, sweat more, more cardio, train harder. Ultra convenient exercise system.

    HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training Mode.  These programs automatically increase and decrease the training intensity.  (Of course, you always remain in control and set the maximum intensity).  Short periods of intense exercise followed by recovery periods.  

    This is a software upgrade that allows you to access the PRO, PRO-Intense and the PRO-HIIT folders.  These programs exercise you at much higher intensities and have different physiological effects.  Happy training!

    Once you have installed the app just ask support what is the upgrade code.