BionicGym - Exercise On Autopilot! - BionicGym
BionicGym - Exercise On Autopilot! - BionicGym
BionicGym - Exercise On Autopilot! - BionicGym
BionicGym - Exercise On Autopilot! - BionicGym
BionicGym - Exercise On Autopilot! - BionicGym
BionicGym - Exercise On Autopilot! - BionicGym
BionicGym - Exercise On Autopilot! - BionicGym
BionicGym - Exercise On Autopilot! - BionicGym
BionicGym - Exercise On Autopilot! - BionicGym
BionicGym - Exercise On Autopilot! - BionicGym
BionicGym - Exercise On Autopilot! - BionicGym
BionicGym - Exercise On Autopilot! - BionicGym

BionicGym - Exercise On Autopilot!

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Let it exercise you 

BionicGym is a revolutionary invention that burns 500+ calories per hour. Use it while watching TV, working, gaming or reading!

- Slim down and feel energized
- it's gentle on your joints
- get the exercise euphoria ("endorphin rush") if you do it intensely enough
- thousands of customers around the world
- backed by 20 years of real science and peer-reviewed publications.

"It sounds too good to be true," some of our customers used to say...

Until they put the BionicGym on their thighs, and eventually started sweating. "It's real exercise!" Why and how does it work?

Shivering is Nature's hack to burn calories. Muscles begin to shake in small movements, creating warmth by expending energy. Here's how BionicGym mimics that.

Impulses through the BionicGym Wraps stimulate the motor-neurons [nerves-to muscles] in the legs and glutei [bum], telling them to contract repeatedly. (They relax or lengthen by themselves). If enough muscle is actively contracting at optimal rates, they will shout out for blood to supply the oxygen and energy.

Your cardiovascular system [heart and blood vessels] works harder to deliver this blood, i.e., it trains.

Can you use it at 'easy' levels?

Yes, most people start using it at lower exercise intensity levels, and it still produces results. It's like exercising – you can either walk, jog, or run a marathon.

Here's what your BionicGym includes:

(1) Pair of BionicWraps
(2) Control Unit
(3) Charger
(4) Gel Pads (set of 8)
(5) Extensions
(6) iOS or Android Controller App


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Please note that we do not accept exchanges for wraps where gel pads have already been attached. We highly recommend that you check out our detailed size guide prior to purchasing.

Return of a Faulty Product

Where concerns exist about the performance of the product, we will provide troubleshooting support to ensure that the setup is correct. 

On those rare occasions where a product is deemed faulty, we will provide a full or partial replacement (within the warranty period) at no cost to the customer.

Our Warranty

A warranty period of one year from the date of delivery applies to a manufacturing failure of the controller unit / hardware part of the Bionic Gym.

Bionic Gym branded spare parts/reusable items (i.e., garments/wraps) and AUX cables in the instance of a manufacturing fault are covered by warranty for 90 (ninety) days from the date of delivery and will be replaced by Bionic Gym. This does not include the usual wear and tear instances.

This warranty policy does not apply to consumable items (i.e., electrodes/gel-pads).  

Can I return the product purchased from another retailer or through a private sale? 
Refunds are only granted for items purchased through the Bionic Gym official website and other authorised dealers and agents. If you have any questions about whether the seller is an authorised dealer or agent, please contact us at and we can provide advice.

Items received as gifts can of course be returned within the normal 30 days from the date of delivery, provided they are unopened and unused, as outlined above.

This policy is in effect since 7th April 2022.

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What is BionicGym?

BionicGym is an App and a Wrap that delivers exercise by supercharging one of our body's natural processes: Shivering.

It uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to contract and relax the muscles of the legs at the optimal frequency, to delivery workout to your muscles as if they are on autopilot.

Set the intensity in the BionicGym app to lower intensities to burn extra calories while you multitask or at high intensities to raise your heart rate, work up a sweat and burn 500+ calories per hour.

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Sucess Stories:


Getting back in shape after giving birth

Getting back in shape after giving birth

Nancy Abell is using Bionicgym as part of her post partum weight loss journey, losing over 20 pounds.

Integrating Exercise into Work & Gaming

Integrating Exercise into Work & Gaming

Lasse Kronberg uses BionicGym to Supercharge his work and gaming sessions, losing over 33 pounds while he multitasks.

Busy mom burning calories at home

Busy mom burning calories at home

Tressa uses BionicGym while doing household chores, burning over 500 calories per hour!


The Science:

BionicGym was created following 20+ years of testing and numerous peer-reviewed and published scientific studies.

Our studies have found multiple benefits to using BionicGym such as 500+ calories burned per hour, improvement in aerobic fitness, and a significant increase in heart rate and oxygen consumption, resulting in a cardio workout that is ultra-convenient and gentle on your joints.

Frequently Asked Questions: