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A symbol depicting a knee joint, that represents BionicGym's ability to deliver exercise that is gentle on joints,. It allows those with aches and pains to still exercise while sitting or lying down.

Gentle On Joints

A symbol depicting a heart, representing BionicGym's ability to improve aerobic fitness.

Exercise Restless Legs

What is BionicGym?

BionicGym is an App and a Wrap. The wraps go around your legs. Impulses trigger muscle contractions (just like shivering) to maximize calorie burn.

BionicGym contracts your big leg muscles at an optimal rate without needing to move around... at work or in the comfort of your home.

You control the intensity - maybe at low levels to burn hundred of extra calories working or at intense levels watching TV (you'll sweat and get your heart racing!)

BionicGym has been cleared by US Food & Drug Administration FDA for exercise and even tested in zero-gravity with the European Space Agency.

Our research is published in peer-reviewed, indexed, scientific journals.

Experience the convenience of wearable cardio now with BionicGym.

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Ellen DeGeneres, of the Ellen DeGeneres Show in the United States, who featured BionicGym on has a segment on her show.

"You have to

see this..."

Ellen Degeneres | US TV

Dr Xand, the presenter of the Channel 4 show 'How to Lose Weight Well' discussed BionicGym on television with Dr Louis Crowe, founder of BionicGym.

"... really


Dr. Xand, Channel 4 | UK TV

Martin King and Ray Foley interviewed Dr Louis Crowe, founder of BionicGym, on their Television show 'The Six O'Clock Show'.

"Fight the fat

watching TV"

Martin King, Ray Foley | UK&IE TV

The importance of

Movement & Exercise

We all need exercise to look good, feel good and sleep well.

  • You need it to move your legs / distract from the itch.
  • For general health. Exercise can help treat and prevent diabetes and other conditions linked to RLS.
  • To sleep well.
  • To maintain a good weight. Diet plus exercise is strongly recommended.

Your restless legs may have a medical cause so please discuss it with your doctor.  

Trusted by Thousands

A truly revolutionary approach to cardiovascular exercise backed by over 20 years of peer reviewed scientific research and thousands of users worldwide.

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How BionicGym Works:

Nature's hack to burn calories is to shiver.

BionicGym mimics the muscle contractions of shivering to maximize calorie burn. BionicGym can contract your big leg muscles at an optimal rate so you burn hundreds of calories per hour.

Your muscles cry out for oxygen and fuel so your breathing and heart rate rocket (at high levels). You sweat because of all the heat created!

Shivering moves your muscles without you needing to move. BionicGym does the same but without the cold - it is Exercise on Autopilot.

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"Our mission is to help make the world healthier, fitter and hopefully even happier through exercise"

Dr. Louis Crowe