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Meet Jamie:

Exercising & Burning Calories from her Wheelchair!

Jamie was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 23 years ago, but that doesn't stop her exercising with BionicGym! She works out and burns calories from her wheelchair.

December 2022

Top Five Weight Loss Stories So Far

Join Dr. Louis as he chats about the Top 5 BionicGym Weight Loss so far.

Hear the incredible success stories of 5 amazing members of the BionicGym Community and be inspired to pursue your own health and happiness journey.

November 2022

Meet Tressa and Denise:

"Our BionicGym Journey So Far!"

We chat with the wonderful Tressa and Denise, two incredibly influential and important members of our BionicGym community. They discuss all things BionicGym, from their own personal journeys to clever tips and insights on our to get the most out of your workouts.

November 2022

Meet Tamkin:

Burning 1000 Calories per day with BionicGym!

Meet Tamkin, who has had seen fabulous results using BionicGym during her day-to-day activities like working from her home office. As a result she is burning an EXTRA 1000-1200 calories per day!

September 2022

Labor Day Q & A

with Dr. Louis Crowe

Tune in to hear Dr. Louis answer all of your questions about BionicGym.

Louis discusses: long term weight control and weight loss, some body hacks and how you can achieve your goals with BionicGym.

September 2022