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The Ultimate

Exercise For Keto

BionicGym makes your muscles soak up sugar like a sponge

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The Ultimate

Exercise For Keto

BionicGym makes your muscles soak up sugar like a sponge

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Burn Calories

Gentle On Joints

Increase Aerobic Fitness

FDA Cleared

BionicGym is an App and a Wrap. The wraps go around your legs and electrical impulses target and contract sugar hungry muscle fibers driving you into ketosis quicker.

BionicGym has been tested in zero-gravity with the European Space Agency and cleared by US Food & Drug Administration FDA. Our research is published in peer-reviewed, indexed, scientific journals.

Want Faster Keto?

Then you need to burn through your stored carbs/sugar.

BionicGym makes your muscles mop up and burn extra sugar fast... even at low intensities.

There's even a special workout for it: Glucose Gobblers.

Keeping your sugar levels normal and steady is a key for weight loss.

Regular BionicGym sessions can use up so much sugar that your body has no choice but to burn more fat.

Keto Slip?

Tired of waiting for hours or days to get back into keto?

Wish you didn't have to languish for painful hours in that "in between" state with the keto flu?

An intense BionicGym session can make your fast-twitch muscles soak up those extra carbs fast.

Take your keto up a notch!

Our BionicGym 'Glucose Gobbler' program is designed to target these sugar-hungry fibers and maximize the sugar consumption.

Our two-hour programs have automatic step changes in intensity. As they are a long program most people’s muscles will fatigue and to continue ‘gobbling glucose’ we increase the intensity.

The intensity also undulates a little, this is intended to gently bring in new muscle fibers. Many people use these programs to diet and lose weight, they are especially effective with low-carb or keto diet.

BionicGym + Your Keto Diet = Results

Dr Louis, inventor of BionicGym discusses using BionicGym and your Keto diet.

Joes's Keto and BionicGym Results

Joe Gagnon shared some images of his keto results with BionicGym. How do you want your keto journey to look?

Nature's Hack:

How it Works:

Nature's way of creating heat is to burn calories by shivering. BionicGym takes this process and supercharges it, causing the muscles to shiver at the optimal frequency in order to burn calories.

I lost 60 pounds my first two years

I do keto... I lost 60 pounds my first two years doing it then I slowly gained some of it back. I have been trying to get back on strict keto even doing carnivore and the scale was not moving, my clothes weren't getting looser. I even started going to the gym 3 to 4 times a week, cardio and weightlifting, wasn't losing weight. Now I'm two weeks into BG and I've lost 5 lbs which doesn't sound like a lot but I look different already. I'm less hungry and it's easier for me to stick to strict keto. For one device to make that big of a difference when I've been trying to get it together for the last two years I'd say it's more than worth a shot.

BionicGym Transformations

Getting back in shape after giving birth

Nancy Abell is using Bionicgym as part of her post partum weightloss journey, losing over 20 Pounds.

Integrating Exercise into Work & Gaming

Lasse Kronberg uses BionicGym to Supercharge his work and gaming sessions, losing over 33 pounds while he multitasks.

BionicGym Transformations

BionicGym & Keto FAQs

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How can I get the highest keto readings with BionicGym?

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Trusted by Thousands

A truly revolutionary approach to cardiovascular exercise backed by over 20 years of peer reviewed scientific research and thousands of users worldwide.

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