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BionicGym Gel Pads

BionicGym Gel Pads

3 Sets of BionicGym Gel Pads

3 Sets of BionicGym Gel Pads

The Ultimate Exercise For Keto

BionicGym makes your muscles soak up sugar like a sponge.


BionicGym is an App and a Wrap. The wraps go around your legs and electrical impulses target and contract sugar hungry muscle fibers driving you into ketosis quicker.

Want faster keto?

Then you need to burn through your stored carbs/sugar.

BionicGym makes your muscles mop up and burn extra sugar fast... even at low intensities.

There's even a special workout for it: Glucose Gobblers.

Keeping your sugar levels normal and steady is a key for weight loss.

Regular BionicGym sessions can use up so much sugar that your body has no choice but to burn more fat. 

Glucose Gobblers seems to work pretty well! 🔥 🤔 So, that I'm not misleading anyone, I use BG to supplement my Keto diet and other exercise by giving me that extra calorie burn in the evening while chilling on the couch...I can say that I've never reached such a high Keto level in many years and I'm confident this is due to the extra BG GG burn...So, I use to be very skeptical about the effectiveness of BG but, now I'm no longer as I've been able to objectively measure its benefits! It's Not Magic but, it definitely will help me get rid of this quarantine FAT! 🥧🥡🍪 😷

Joe Gagnon

I do keto ... I lost 60 pounds my first two years doing it then I slowly gains some of it back. I have been trying to get back on strict keto even doing carnivore and the scale was not moving my clothes weren’t getting looser. I even started going to the gym 3 to 4 times a week cardio and weightlifting wasn’t losing weight. Now I’m two weeks in to BG and I’ve lost 5 lbs which doesn’t sound like a lot but I look different already.I’m less hungry and it’s easier for me to stick to strict keto. For one device to make that big of a difference when I’ve been trying to get it together for the last two years I’d say it’s more than worth a shot

Tabitha Wimberly

Joe's Keto And BionicGym Results

Joe Gagnon shared some images of his keto results with BionicGym. How do you want your keto journey to look?

BionicGym Body Transformations

Getting back in shape after giving birth

Nancy Abell is using BionicGym to get back in shape after giving birth and has lost over 20 pounds. (Weight loss = Diet + Exercise)

Burning calories while working and gaming

Lasse Kronberg uses BionicGym while he’s working and even when relaxing and gaming. He’s lost over 33 pounds. (Weight loss = Diet + Exercise)

Before: 196 pounds in August. After: 175 pounds last week.. By March, underwear-model level. No joke.. DM me for more info.. getting a working unit was somewhat of a journey but it was well worth it.. and I will admit that doing keto at the same time makes it much faster.. I have followed the project for almost 5 years..

Todd William Thompson

BionicGym has been tested in zero-gravity with the European Space Agency and cleared by US Food & Drug Administration FDA.
Our research is published in peer-reviewed, indexed, scientific journals.

90 days, Keto, IF, weight training and in the last month, BG. 50 lbs down so far. BG was a big help in the third month!

Jon Holmberg

How it works

Nature’s way of creating heat or burning calories
is to shiver. As you get colder you shiver more
intensely but at the same rate (7-8Hz).
This is because the energy
consumption is not related to the force...


I am a week in doing keto and BG. My clothes are already fitting better. Also I have used the BG primarily while seated in my office. You can always start with the basic model and upgrade later to save $$. I also used the Klarna app to split up the payments. My start weight is the highest in my life 225 but I know that I have found my long-term solution. You can do it.. This group is a great support too.

Missy Marla

Keto slip?

Tired of waiting for hours or days to get back into keto?

Wish you didn't have to languish for painful hours in that "in between" state with the keto flu?

An intense BionicGym session can make your fast-twitch muscles soak up those extra carbs fast.

Tens of thousands of people Trust BionicGym

People worldwide are discovering that BionicGym is the wearable exercise that helps them burn calories, get fit, and feel great.

BionicGym saved my sanity... In lockdown for 3 weeks...

Suzie Mckig

He detests working out but can’t go a day without this!

Chris’s Wife, Sarah

I lost 5 kg in 3 weeks my scale didn't even know me. (haha)


I haven't been panting... Out of breath in years and it feels so good.My mood improved.

Denise Bailey

I no longer run out of breath chasing after my toddlers


BionicGym was way more challenging than I ever expected


BionicGym achieves what I always thought impossible: to exercise and optimise my time, in the comfort of my little home.

Domenico Galimi

BionicGym has helped me to get back on track to a healthy & fit lifestyle by training from anywhere.

EY Kalman

BionicGym & Keto FAQ

1. Why did BionicGym lower my ketone levels?

Ketones are made from fat. Your body can burn ketones for energy.

If you do an intense BionicGym workout while in ketosis, it can burn your ketones. Your body will need time to produce new ketones after your BionicGym session.

That's good. It means your body is burning stored energy.

2. What's the best workout to use for keto?

The Glucose Gobblers workout is specially designed to make your muscles burn off excess sugar. Burning off extra sugar is a key to enter into ketosis faster.

3. How often should I use BionicGym if I'm doing keto?

Keep at it daily if you're looking for the best results. If you use it at a lower intensity (one where you don't feel breathless or overly tired), then you can compensate by using it for a longer duration. 1-2 hours per day is a good starting point.

4. How can I get the highest keto readings with BionicGym?

It is not about getting the highest keto score. It is about burning ketones and fat. As you burn them their level will naturally come down but you will stay in ketosis.
With time and training your "metabolic flexibility" will improve greatly. This will enable you to convert more stored fat into energy without the need for excessive ketone levels.

5. Oops. I ate some carbs. Can I use BionicGym to help me get back into ketosis faster?

If you had a keto slip and ate more carbs than you intended, then getting into keto means burning off excess and stored sugar/carbs.

BionicGym is especially effective at burning off excess sugar/carbs because it targets your sugar-hungry Type-2 muscle fibers... even at low intensities.

Try it and see!