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Game-changing wearable cardio that is gentle on your joints.

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A symbol depicting a knee joint, that represents BionicGym's ability to deliver exercise that is gentle on joints,. It allows those with aches and pains to still exercise while sitting or lying down.

Gentle On Joints

A symbol depicting a heart, representing BionicGym's ability to improve aerobic fitness.

Increase Aerobic Fitness

A symbol depicting a flame, representing BionicGym's ability burn calories.

Burn Calories

A symbol depicting Fire, representing BionicGym's ability to burn calories assisting on your weight loss journey.

Burn Calories

A symbol depicting a knee joint, that represents BionicGym's ability to deliver exercise that is gentle on joints,. It allows those with aches and pains to still exercise while sitting or lying down.

Gentle On Joints

A symbol depicting a heart, representing BionicGym's ability to improve aerobic fitness.

Increase Aerobic Fitness

A symbol depicting Fire, representing BionicGym's ability to burn calories assisting on your weight loss journey.

Burn Calories

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This International Women's Day

Seize the opportunity to redefine your workout routine. Transform your approach to fitness and unlock $75 off BionicGym, igniting your journey towards a healthier and stronger you. Don't miss out on this chance to forge your path to fitness and embrace the empowering spirit of Women's Day. At checkout,  use code: WOMENPOWER75


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Inner Strength

This International Women's Day, BionicGym celebrates the incredible power of women. Take your fitness to new heights with BionicGym, the revolutionary workout companion that integrates seamlessly into your busy life, empowering you to achieve your health and fitness goals on your terms.

What is BionicGym?

Say goodbye to the constraints of traditional workouts. BionicGym uses advanced NMES technology to simulate cardiovascular exercise, enabling you to burn calories and build endurance efficiently from the comfort of your home. Tailored to fit your lifestyle, BionicGym is your partner in achieving a stronger, healthier you.

BionicGym has been tested in zero-gravity with the European Space Agency and cleared by US Food & Drug Administration FDA. Our research is published in peer-reviewed, indexed, scientific journals. 


Ellen DeGeneres, of the Ellen DeGeneres Show in the United States, who featured BionicGym on has a segment on her show.

"You have to

see this..."

Ellen Degeneres | US TV

Dr Xand, the presenter of the Channel 4 show 'How to Lose Weight Well' discussed BionicGym on television with Dr Louis Crowe, founder of BionicGym.

"... really


Dr. Xand, Channel 4 | UK TV

Martin King and Ray Foley interviewed Dr Louis Crowe, founder of BionicGym, on their Television show 'The Six O'Clock Show'.


watching TV"

Martin King, Ray Foley | UK&IE TV

How Tressa lost 30 pounds.

She supercharged her calorie burn by incorporating BionicGym into her household chores.

"I have about 550 calories in an hour that I have just burned doing household chores. I was going to do this stuff anyways, and I put BionicGym on to use in tandem. Stuff I was going to do anyway. But I certainly wouldn't have knocked 550 calories off just by moving around without the use of BionicGym."

Along with her weight loss, Tressa now gets involved in more fun activities with her kids that in the past she would have avoided. She also says she has experienced an improvement in her mood, her sleep and she has no more cellulite in her legs!

Dr. Louis, the inventor,  was inspired by shivering- but without the cold!

Shivering is NATURE'S HACK to burn calories without 'doing anything'. Your muscles contract at an optimal rate to warm you up... i.e. burn calories. 

Impulses through the BionicGym wraps stimulate the nerves in the leg and gluteal (bum) muscles, telling them to contract repeatedly at this “biologically special” rate.

With training at high levels your heart will race, you will become breathless and even sweat. After all, shivering is nature’s way of warming you up by burning calories.

A diagram explaining how BionicGym stimulates the muscles, causing them to cry out for energy and and oxygen, causing the heart to pump faster and lungs to work harder.

I've done thousands of mini-experiments to optimize the technology.... and then followed up with peer-reviewed scientific studies.

Dr Louis Crowe

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In honor of this special day, we're thrilled to offer a $75 discount on BionicGym. Use the code WOMENPOWER75 at checkout to claim your exclusive savings and begin your journey to empowerment through fitness.

A woman standing in her home office wearing her BionicGym as she burns calories while working from home.

Diet + Exercise = Weight Loss

BionicGym can be your Exercise

Supercharges your calorie burn while you multitask, such as working at your desk, doing household chores or relaxing.

Targets sugar-hungry muscle fibers accelerating low-carb and keto diets, as well as intermittent fasting.

Delivers exercise that is gentle on joints, meaning you can work out without aggravating any aches or pains.

Backed by 20+ years of peer-reviewed scientific research and thousands of happy, active users.

Join The Movement

A year from now you'll be glad you started today! 

Beyond the workout, BionicGym is a movement. By choosing BionicGym, you're not just investing in a fitness tool; you're joining a vibrant community of women supporting women. Connect, share, and grow with our exclusive Facebook Women's Community, a space dedicated to motivating and celebrating each other's success. Search 'BionicGym Female Only Group' on Facebook to discover more.
Our specially designed BionicGym wraps are worn on the thighs to deliver electrical impulses to these muscles in order to burn calories and sugar.

But, how does it work?

Nature's hack is to burn calories by shivering to warm us up.

What if we could hack this, so to speak? Flipping this process on its head so the main goal is not to heat up but instead to deliver a workout and burn calories?

BionicGym achieves exactly this, stimulating the muscle fibers of the legs at the optimum frequency. With each shiver the muscle fibers use energy and therefore burn calories. Optimize the rate of this frequency and stimulate as many fibers as possible and the results are a vigorous workout that burns hundreds of calories per hour.

BionicGym Transformations

Integrating Exercise into Your Daily Routine

Sarah can't always get to the gym. She integrates BionicGym into her daily routine to help her workout from home.

Getting back in shape after giving birth

Nancy Abell is using Bionicgym as part of her post partum weight loss journey, losing over 20 pounds.

Combining BionicGym with Weight-Training

Tamkin has been using BionicGym for over a year and a half. By combining it with weight training and a clean diet she has totally transformed.

Our Weight Loss Approach

Train with BionicGym for 60 minutes per day, 5 times per week.

Start with the BionicGym Start Here! programs increasing the intensity gradually both between and during workout sessions.

Progress to to the PRO workouts when you feel ready.

For Faster Weight Loss

Try using BionicGym for longer periods, roughly 4-6 hours, while you do other things like work or chores.

Programs such as Glucose Gobblers and Less Cardio, More Discreet are favourites for increasing calorie and sugar burn while you multitask.

Pro Weight Loss Tip

Do a BionicGym session after your last meal of the day to allow your body to burn extra sugar before you sleep.

Consider trying a Keto diet, Intermittent Fasting or a Low-Carb diet. BionicGym's ability to burn sugar rapidly will accelerate you into ketosis.

When I am using BionicGym...

How many Calories can I Burn?

People who have trained with BionicGym for a few weeks can burn typically 500+ calories per hour [data from clinical studies published in peer-review journals].  Some fit, trained people have burnt a thousand calories an hour!

Alternatively, go for a low intensity approach and burn 1000+ calories in 4-6 hours while you work at your desk, do household chores or just relaxing!  This is a good approach for people wanting to lose weight.


For the 4 - 6 hours per day (while using BionicGym) my heart-rate is around 110bpm and generally for the entire period I burn between 1000cals to 1200cals per day just bouncing like this at work.

Tamkin Amin

Just like Intense Exercise...

BionicGym delves into your Sugar Reserves...

by stimulating fast-twitch muscle fibres.

This ability to burn sugar is BionicGym's secret weapon. By targeting Type 2 muscle-fibres that soak up sugar like a sponge, we train our bodies to become more metabolically flexible, improving our ability to burn both sugar and fat.



Celebrating Women's Strength

and Unity

Start your BionicGym journey today and take a bold step towards a healthier, more empowered you.


Should I consider a particular.....

Diet with BionicGym?

Healthy and sustained weight loss is the key to success. Any positive change in diet will help with your weight loss journey. But which diets work best with BionicGym?

Low Carb, Keto and Intermittent Fasting:

1) Low-carb. These diets aim to keep your blood sugar steady, helping avoid sugar peaks and then the crashes that make you hungry. BionicGym contracts fast twitch muscle fibres to burn sugar and help regulate your sugar levels.

2) Ketosis happens when your blood sugar and insulin are low. BionicGym stimulates muscle fibres that soak up sugar like a sponge. This depletes your glucose/carb stores much quicker so you can get into ketosis fast. And if you have a 'keto slip'... we'll get you back into ketosis much quicker too.

3) Intermittent Fasting. BionicGym will help you dig deeper into your reserves in each fasting period.

A lady sits on her couch using the BionicGym mobile app to control her BionicGym workout.