Netflix & BionicGym

 Now it is possible, work out and watch your favorite Netflix TV show!

Is it hard to skip your favorite Netflix movie in order to go to the gym? Do you remember the first time you decided to include working out into your daily routine? This decision is a result of a high motivation that overwhelms us once we get some free time left.  However, our daily activities such as working, studying, and any other external occupation make our schedule heavy and chaotic which unable us to go to the gym regularly. More seriously, going out to the gym deprives us from doing our hobbies like watching; especially when your cardio exercises coincides with your best-loved Netflix movie.

Fatigue and monotony would get sooner or later over your motivation and kills it routinely. There comes a day when you miss your gym exercises in order to watch a certain episode once it is released. Yes … you start giving up! Or you just start looking for any other alternative that enables you to keep working out while doing several things at once. While you are looking for a clue, you might opt for watching on your mobile phone as you are moving your body on a stair climber for example, but as the exercise gets harder and quicker you may skip some interesting installments and you end up stuck not enjoying your treasured movie.

Do not worry we had been dragged into the same issue, fortunately this hardship did not last long as we have come up with an outstanding invention that defeats all of your expectations. It is made for you and for us all! More precisely, our invention, in the form of a magical device, is made for an active person who dreams of working out without neglecting his studies, job, and hobbies therefore his life! Furthermore, our device is also made for moviegoers and movie addicted who make sure to never skip a single episode of all of the available series. Thus, we have constantly been working hand in hand in order to match between your sporty lifestyle and your Netflix movie.

Could you resist the pleasure of watching a Netflix movie? 

Netflix is an online platform that provides us with an immediate access to millions of TV shows and movies in return for the payment of a monthly subscription. The quality of their movies is good, and the exclusive streaming services of their TV shows makes you sometimes miss out the gym and many other occupations. Not only that, the fact that your friends who discuss the following day every single event happened during a certain movie makes you feel like you are not updated with the latest news or sometimes a left behind person. Actually, this happens when going to the gym seems to you a little more reasonable than watching a movie which could be available the other day. However, you would like to go for a solution that enables you to get rid of some unwanted pounds, to build strong muscles while enjoying every single episode and never missing any one of it.  

As mentioned earlier, our fabulous solution exists and it is a particular effective device that would make your life much easier than before!

The BionicGym Device

BionicGym is a wearable device invented particularly for you! This unbelievable invention is a calorie burning device that trains your whole body all at once!  It’s a cardio prolonged stimulation exercise that aims to improve your muscles capacity and trains you harder while doing nothing but sitting on the couch!

By way of explanation, our exceptional device allows you to work out your whole body every day and anytime while doing your daily activities such as working, eating and most importantly watching your Netflix movie!

Stuffing your face with popcorn and lying comfortably on the couch while you are training your whole muscles is the best imaginable way to work out. This was a dream that has finally become true thanks to our fabulous invention.  

Furthermore, the pleasure of watching a Netflix movie and working out with our amazing BionicGym device helps you dispose of boredom and fatigue. The long road to the gym could be used in training your body while doing your most liked activity, which is watching. Fascinatedly enough, this fact is carried by a study done in 2014 published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine. The union of audio and visual stimuli intensifies levels of dissociation and positive energy throughout a severe working out exercise more than merely listening to music.

Incredibly enough, the inventor of this machine, himself, works out regularly all parts of his body using his own invention. Dr Louis Crowe watched a selection of different movies on Netflix and he makes sure to watch TV only when he is working out with the BionicGym device. Thanks to the later, he manages to include working out into his daily activities as it could be done while living normally his life.


Work out at your ease!

Unlike the gym, there is no road to hit in order to work out, and there are no several machines that you have to use so that you reach your goal. Our marvelous device works by stimulating the motor-neurons in your body to create a state of shivering that makes you feel you extra comfortable and encourage you to train your body despite of your busy life. Indeed, you could carry out your BionicGym device wherever you go and use it whenever you wish. Opt for our solution and run on all of your favorite movies on Netflix since now it is practically possible! 

Now everything is clear to you, have you prepared your Netflix movie’s list ? 


Curious about it?

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