Netflix & BionicGym

Netflix & BionicGym

Now it is possible, work out while watching your favorite Netflix TV show!

Do you find it hard to skip your favourite tv show on Netflix to make a date with the gym instead? Do you remember why you first decided to include exercise into your daily routine? You made a positive decision for your health and you were on the right track. But oftentimes, our daily lives can prove hectic with work, study, and various other responsibilities which pull you away from your exercise routine. Even further, time at the gym can prevent you from enjoying your hobbies, interests and a relaxing night with Netflix after a long day.

We have all been there. Fatigued after a long day can really decrease motivation. Coupled with Netflix FOMO when the latest series comes out and it’s all your friends and colleagues can talk about. In an attempt to multi-task and in this wonderful age of connectivity, you bring your smart device to the gym with the plan to indulge in Netflix on the treadmill. You soon realise that once the exercise intensifies, distraction sets in and suddenly you are losing interest in your master plan to multi-task. 

So now, it’s time for a solution. A device to make our lives easier. Something to make exercise accessible and convenient for all.

The BionicGym Device

BionicGym is a wearable device invented by Dr. Louis Crowe to provide cardio exercise to your body, at your convenience! This exceptional device allows you to work out your whole body every day, anytime. You control the exercise intensity on your phone - from easy to tough making it possible to carry out your daily activities such as working, eating and watching Netflix on the sofa!

Indeed, you could wear your BionicGym device wherever you go and use it whenever suits you. Opt for our solution and run on all of your favorite movies on Netflix since now it is practically possible! 

Now that we’ve got the solution, we just have one question for you. What’s trending on Netflix!?

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You are welcome to visit our pages on social media, our Indiegogo page and our website to dive into our studies, articles, videos and success stories from users who have enjoyed the convenience and health benefits of BionicGym. Pre-order for you and your loved ones, and spread the wonderful news about this outstanding invention!

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