Meet Christiane:

"Hey guys it’s Christiane here and I am a BionicGym user and I wanted to show you the results that I have been getting since I started using it. So I started in December 2020 and a couple of really really incredible results. First of all, leg strength has incredibly improved. So just getting in and out of cars and lower places, I am just up, I can get up from sitting and that’s not something I could do beforehand because I had an old knee injury since 2011 that hasn’t really recovered and since I started using BionicGym I have full flexibility back in my knee and also full strength so I don’t have any of those issues anymore that made a really big difference.

I am just finished a two hour Glucose Gobblers workout and I have started a new one, that’s why I am a bit out of breath and sweaty and red so I just wanted to show you here on the watch. This is the calories I have burned, so it's 549 (calories), so it’s all great.

I used the pad placement, I played around with it just followed the instructions and I must say it’s working really well for me and I’m all wobbly at the moment using it!

I find, I work standing up because I am working from home and I’ve got a business that I need to work from home for so for me this has helped me to keep my cardio up, burn calories, lose some weight; that’s happening and coming off slowly and just generally feeling good! The exercise makes me feel good and me feel I’ve worked out and I don’t feel so clogged up. And also, so with COVID and in and out of lockdowns and my gym being closed and then open again this gives me the opportunity to consistently exercise.

But frankly, the biggest change has been my strength, my flexibility and how good I feel now that I am working out whilst I’m actually doing work. My business is running workshops so I can play with the intensity. I use it for about 2 to 3 hours a day, 4 or 5 times a week and I find I really crave it as a health and well being thing. I use it mostly in the morning, I also fast in the morning. That works the best for me. Not so much at night sitting down, I really prefer using it standing up because I can amp up the intensity and really get sweating. I love that, I love that about it!

So, highly recommend it! I was skeptical in the beginning but a friend recommended it to me and I thought I’m gonna give it a go. I am very very happy with it, it’s been great!"