How long will this stay legal?

If you want a sports performance boost, this biohack might be awesome news. 

How long will this stay legal?


It hasn’t been banned (yet.)

There aren’t any pills, powders, or injections to take.

You can do it at home. 

You can pack it in a suitcase. (For when we get back to traveling again.)

And if you’re a cyclist, triathlete, or runner, there’s a chance it could raise your lactate threshold (LT). 

Can you imagine the new PR’s that might be possible?

How long will this stay legal?


From the scientific data we have so far, this biohack preferentially trains fast-twitch muscle fibers.

That sounds weird!

So here’s the scoop.

If you’re an athlete (especially an endurance athlete)...

BionicGym (BG) might be the performance enhancing biohack you’ve been waiting for. 

How long will this stay legal?


It could also be the “edge” that you bring into your next competitive season.

Produce a hell of a lot of lactate...

Compared to regular exercise, at an equivalent calorie burn with BionicGym, you can produce a hell of a lot of lactate. 

How long will this stay legal?


For a given level of effort, BionicGym can be a highly effective way to train and supplement your regular training.

Here’s a true story.

One winter, when I was injured, I wasn’t able to cycle or run.

>>> I used BionicGym as my only form of exercise.

That spring, I participated in a 120km cycling group ride through the hilly Irish countryside.

If you’ve ever been to Ireland, you know how the hills can be real leg and lung “burners.”

How long will this stay legal?


The strange thing was that I felt great on the bike. I hung in with a fast group at a good tempo.

And I didn’t bonk.

Or maybe that wasn’t so strange.

With BionicGym, I’d been able to train those muscle fibers that would have taken me hours to target on the bike.

And I’d done it all winter.

Can you see the athletic potential for yourself here?

Okay, next question.

Should BionicGym be your ONLY exercise if your chosen sport is cycling or running?

The short answer is no. 

If you want to improve your running and you’re an elite athlete, you still need to run.

How long will this stay legal?


Same for cycling.

BionicGym can be extra aerobic training…

That you can squeeze in even if your life is busy. 

And it seems to have a beneficial impact on your ability to tolerate lactate. 

That looks a lot like legal performance enhancement.

How long will this stay legal?


When so many people are looking for an edge…

BionicGym can be a CLEAN way to boost your performance. 

Want more inspiration? See BionicGym reviews and testimonials here.


Hope that helped pique your curiosity.

With Gratitude, 

Dr. Louis