Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

Medical Currents Warranty

You have statutory rights in relation to the Products under the Medical Currents’ BionicGym brand (“Product, Products, BionicGym”) sold to you. For example, Products sold to you shall be of satisfactory quality and conform to their Product Description. Those rights are not affected by this Medical Currents Product warranty. This warranty policy applies to Medical Currents’ Products under the BionicGym brand (“Product, Products, BionicGym”) and is given by Medical Currents LTD (“Company”) to the individual or entity (“Owner”) who purchased the Product from the Company.  This is an updated Warranty for purchases from July the first, 2020.

The company warrants that BionicGym Product shall:

(a) conform to its Product Description,

(b) be free from material defects for a period of one (1) years from date of delivery, and

(c) that BionicGym branded spare parts/reusable items (i.e. garments) shall be free from defects for 90 days from the date of delivery. This warranty policy does not apply to consumable items (i.e. electrodes).

Under this Warranty, Medical Currents shall repair or replace the BionicGym Product if it develops a material fault/defect in the period of 1 year from date of delivery, on condition that:

  • The BionicGym Product has only been subject to normal use in a domestic, non commercial, non research environment in a manner which is consistent with the specification, instruction, functionality and service standards described in the BionicGym Product Description and BionicGym user manual;
  • Reasonable care has been taken of the BionicGym Product. Normal wear/tear and natural variation in the garment do not qualify as defects.  Note: it is asked that the auxiliary cable /wire be tucked in to avoid it being tugged on - you can use the velcro tabs on the wraps;
  • The fault has not been caused or contributed to by willfully or negligently caused damage, or any accident, or being in environmental conditions harmful to the BionicGym Product;
  • The part which develops the fault has not been previously modified or repaired by any third party;
  • The Company determines that a Product is eligible for warranty service.

Medical Currents liability shall be limited to the purchase value of the Product.

If you received a damaged or faulty Product from Medical Currents, please contact our Customer Support team.

If the Product proves defective during the warranty period, we would ask you to follow the instructions from our Customer Service team for returning the Product, and the Company will replace the Product with a product that is the same or equivalent to the Product you purchased.

If the Company determines that a Product is eligible for warranty service, the Company shall bear the costs associated with returning a Product for warranty service. The Company is not responsible for items damaged or lost in transit.

A replacement Product assumes the remaining warranty of the original Product. The Company reserves the right to replace any discontinued Product with a new product of comparable value and function.

A replacement Product provided under this warranty policy will only be dispatched to addresses within the countries where the Product is available for official sale to customers in such countries.

Always completely follow safety, use, operation, and maintenance instructions for the Product or any other Company products.
Medical Currents does not assume any liability for loss of, damage to or corruption of data, for any loss of profit, loss of use of Products or functionality, loss of business, loss of contracts, loss of revenues or loss of anticipated savings, increased costs or expenses or for any indirect loss or damage.