Training Plan - Weight Loss

Goal: Weight Loss

Frequency & Duration

Recommended Workout(s)



Healthy, successful and sustained weight-loss requires you to make two changes to your lifestyle: Addition of Exercise and Improvement of Diet.

BionicGym can be your exercise. BionicGym delivers exercise by sending electrical impulses into the largest muscle groups in the body, the thigh muscles, making them contract and relax at the ideal frequency, causing your body to burn calories as if on autopilot.

Better yet, BionicGym allows you to incorporate additional exercise into your daily life without you having to sacrifice any of your precious time. It seamlessly integrates exercise into ordinary daily tasks, supercharging them into opportunities to burn significantly greater calories than you normally would.

60 Minutes, 5 days per week or 4+ hours 3-5 days per week

BionicGym Start Here and Glucose Gobblers

Complete a session after your final meal of the day to burn extra sugar before you sleep

Our Approach

Train with BionicGym for 60 minutes per day, 5 times per week.

Start with the BionicGym Start Here! programs increasing the intensity gradually both between and during workout sessions.

Progress to to the PRO workouts when the BionicGym Start Here workouts are no longer challenging you.

For Faster Results

Try using BionicGym for more prolonged periods, roughly 4-6 hours, while you complete other tasks.

Programs such as Glucose Gobblers and Less Cardio, More Discreet are favourites for increasing calorie and sugar burn while you multitask.

Pro Weight Loss Tip

Do a BionicGym session after your last meal of the day to allow your body to burn extra sugar before you sleep.

Consider trying a Keto diet. BionicGym's ability to burn sugar at such an accelerated rate may help accelerate your transition into ketosis.

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