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Tips, App links, Video Tutorials

on April 11, 2019  in Android AppBionicGymiOS appvideo

Thanks for backing BionicGym!  You made it possible.  


  • Electrode placement is important.  Be sure to watch the videos to get it right!
  • The Bluetooth pairing code is 123456   (It uses BLE 4.4+)
  • Use the VOLUME control to increase the intensity (Android)
  • You can decrease the intensity while the unit is paused.
  • Like your phone... if left for long periods the battery will discharge.  It may need to charge overnight to restart.
  • Get into the HABIT of using it... use it a lot over the first couple of weeks - your body needs to adapt to it... but it also becomes addictive!

Getting the most out of your BionicGym:

Increase the intensity gradually but steadily. Get used to an intensity level for five minutes then increase it again. Use it a few times, at least, in the first week. 

Join the forums learn from others doing well, encourage each other.


PRO workouts 
We're delighted to say we've bundled in the PRO folder for all for now so you can test it. This will shortly require an Upgrade code. 

If you ordered the Standard BionicGym but are using the PRO we ask that you upgrade using this UPGRADE TO PRO-HIIT link in 2019.  [This will be active until Jan 1st 2020 then please contact our support line at to upgrade and for the Upgrade codes.]

We have recently been testing a super-intense workout. It is fabulous but should only be used after 20+ sessions. It is available to those who have upgraded.  

We are also updating/improving the Apps so these will change from time to time.

Android App:
Follow the instructions in this link: 
or just search for BionicGym in the Play Store.

Apple /iOS App: 

Search for BionicGym in the App Store

 Video Tutorials and Troubleshooting