It began with an epiphany !

Dr Louis went for a swim and had an epiphany.


Twenty years ago, Dr Louis Crowe, an Irish Medical Doctor, went for a swim in the cold Irish sea. Getting out, he shivered like he always would, only this time, he noticed something: His teeth chattered at the same speed his legs shook.

He’d never noticed this before... so he began to pay attention. He realised his shivering was synchronised and had a kind of rhythm.

He reasoned, as his brain sends electrical signals to his muscles when he shivers, it must be possible to induce shivering by copying those signals. At that moment, he had an epiphany that would change the course of his life.


Shivering is nature’s hack to warm you up (ie burn calories)

Dr Louis knew that shivering burned a lot of calories. When you’re cold, it’s the body’s natural way to heat up. So, he studied shivering, using himself as a guinea pig. He went back to the sea time after time, getting himself colder and colder to really feel what happened when he shivered.

He noticed as he got colder that he'd shiver more intensely, but his muscles contracted at the same rate.

The shivering started in his quads and spread throughout his body until even his teeth were chattering, all at the same magic rate (7-8Hz) no matter how cold he got.
He realised we could mimic shivering in an intense way, recruiting more muscle, and even train people aerobically using this shivering hack. 
Dr. Louis found a way to induce intense shivering without the cold, and in so doing, invented a new form of exercise.


Harnessing your body’s biggest muscle group – your legs.

To train your heart and get you breathless, Dr. Louis knew he needed to bring in big muscle groups. Those included the thighs, calves, and glutes. 

(These muscles are all recruited without needing electrodes on the calves and glutes because of how we target the nerves that go to those muscles.)

Dr. Louis was able to achieve real, vigorous exercise  – sweating, rapid breathing, and elevated heart-rates. This was in addition to real, scientific measurements.


What Dr. Louis noticed while testing BionicGym

He did endless testing with himself as the test subject and found he was getting really fit. He got injured playing soccer and couldn’t do regular exercise but found that his VO2 Max and aerobic fitness improved! 

His resting heart rate got down to the mid-40’s. 

He was able to run the equivalent of a marathon on his couch while bucketing sweat (poor couch). Then he trained for an actual marathon on his couch and went out and ran one with his legs. 


Peer Reviewed Science.

Over the past 20 years, Dr. Louis Crowe has become an expert in the science of neuromuscular stimulation. He has completed numerous peer-reviewed studies, received patents, and created new medical treatments cleared by the FDA. 

He has worked with leading European universities, led innovation teams, and even worked in a think tank on future medical devices. 

One of his fun experiments on BionicGym was with the European Space Agency on a zero gravity flight.

He proved that he could do some of the “impossible” with BionicGym:

  • Burn calories at levels equivalent to intense exercise
  • Increase a person’s heart rate to levels equivalent to intense exercise
  • Increase a person’s VO2 Max levels, i.e. boost aerobic fitness
  • Deliver the benefits of exercise in a way that is gentle on the joints


Ultra-Convenient exercise

Dr. Louis’ vision is to bring exercise to the world. Exercise is a key to our health and happiness. It’s important to find ways that help people train and exercise more.

Exercise needs to be something for real people in their real lives, something that they’ll actually do. 

BionicGym isn’t just a hack for athletes. It’s also for busy people who want to get back into shape but might not have the time. 

If you’re ready, click the button below.


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