Meet Armand: From Sedentary to Energetic!


Meet Armand, an inspiring BionicGym user whose transformational journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Over the course of a month and a half, Armand managed to lose an impressive 45 pounds*, all while increasing his energy levels and enjoying activities he hadn't engaged in for a long time.


*Update April 2024: Since begining his BionicGym journey, Armand has lost 158 pounds.

The Beginning of Armand's Journey:

Armand's story begins with a sedentary lifestyle, born out of necessity rather than choice. A car accident had left him reliant on crutches, severely limiting his physical activity. Despite maintaining a strict diet, the lack of sufficient exercise had him stuck in a frustrating weight plateau. No matter how mindful he was about his eating habits, the weight just refused to budge. But things were about to change when Armand discovered BionicGym.

What is BionicGym, you ask? BionicGym is a revolutionary fitness device designed to stimulate a cardiovascular workout equivalent to running or cycling. This is achieved by sending impulses to your large leg muscles of your legs and buttocks, mimicking shivering to achieve an intense exercise. The innovative technology behind BionicGym made it possible for Armand to workout for an hour or two each day, all from the comfort of his home.


Armand's Incredible Transformation:

Armand was kind enough to share a glimpse of his workout routine with BionicGym:

"I'm 45 minutes into my workout. I'm pouring down sweat. I am 597 calories in. My heart rate is slowing down now because I'm getting to the end of my workout at 115, 116. Usually it's up around 130, 140."

Imagine that - getting your heart rate up and burning up to 800 calories in a day without stepping foot in a gym or pounding the pavement. The ease and accessibility of the BionicGym workout made it the perfect solution for Armand, and it could be just what you need to kickstart your fitness journey.

The results speak for themselves. In just over a month, Armand saw remarkable changes in his life. His weight loss journey took a dramatic turn for the better, he let go of his crutches, and he started engaging in activities he hadn't done in a while. All this was possible due to the revolutionary concept of BionicGym.


"BionicGym literally changed my life," says Armand. And it's not just about the weight loss. The increased energy and the freedom to enjoy a range of activities has made a huge difference in Armand's quality of life. With BionicGym, he was able to flip the switch from weight plateauing to active weight loss. And he believes it can do the same for others, too.

Armand's story is a testament to the transformative power of BionicGym. It's not just a fitness device; it's a tool that can drastically change your lifestyle and health for the better. If you're stuck in a weight loss plateau, or you're looking for a convenient and effective way to boost your fitness, BionicGym could be the answer. As Armand's story proves, the results could be life-changing.


Armand's Continued Success:

Since the original blog post in June 2023, Armand's journey with BionicGym has seen even more remarkable progress. As of April 2024, Armand has lost a total of 158 pounds, going from 325lbs to 167lbs. Despite the challenges, Armand's dedication to using BionicGym, combined with a strict diet and the support of his doctor, has led to incredible results. Armand shares:

"My BionicGym journey was not easy. Much of it kicked my ass, but I can tell you from personal experience it's been the greatest piece of fitness equipment I have ever used."

He now routinely uses the Pro Intense setting for an hour each day and emphasizes that BionicGym is always the first thing he packs when traveling. Armand’s transformation is a testament to the effectiveness of BionicGym and his unwavering commitment to his health and fitness goals.

Armand's Incredible Transformation:

  • Burning over 500 calories per hour using BionicGym.
  • Increasing his heart-rate to 130-140bpm.
  • Flipping the switch from weight gain to weight loss.
  • Feeling refreshed and energized.

Armand's Incredible Transformation: