Kory Best stays fit, keeps up with his son, and keeps his doctor happy with this fitness hack


"I say, 'I know it seems too good to be true. But, it’s working. And it’s working because I can see the physical repercussions of it. I’m sweating. My breathing is escalating.

Those things, I think, are the real tell-tales of adoption."

- Kory Best


About Kory

I’m in O’Fallon, Illinois, so I’m about 20 minutes outside St. Louis, Missouri, on the Illinois side.

I was one of the original backers [of BionicGym], way back in the day with Indiegogo when it first came out. So I’ve been kind of a proponent - especially when your CEO [Dr. Louis] started really showing a lot of the case studies and actual use.

And then it got FDA Approved [sic: FDA Cleared].
So it should be getting a lot more real to people.

There’s so much additional validation of its authenticity. 
So I think that’s been good.

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I’m a remote worker. I’ve been that for probably 8 years now.

I’m in private security. So I do a lot of managing of clients. National and global clients.

I used to travel all over creation all the time, and then about four years ago, we started getting better with our technology and video conferencing.

So we’ve really been able to chime that down quite a bit.

But - as nice as that was - it created issues for me. 

Because now, instead of being out and running around all day, now I’m sitting here stagnant all day.

And I was more productive but I was putting on weight,

I wasn’t feeling energetic And I couldn’t change that on my own because I couldn’t just decide to up and leave for an hour or two to go cycling for the morning.

Yeah, I used to do [cycling] a lot more. 

But once you come remote, it’s tough to get back into that routine on the same level. 

I’m not saying that it’s not possible, it’s just, I think, as a remote worker, I personally tend to wind up working more, because I’m here, and it’s in front of me.

It was a never-ending balancing act that I had not perfected and I’m not saying I have yet.

But, BionicGym really helped fill that gap of what I was missing

So, though it didn’t necessarily replace cycling as a whole - I still love cycling - it did replace (or augment) the ability to

be a little more active without having to leave my office.

I’m a tech guy - the latest and greatest, I’m always “what have we got this week? What’s tomorrow?” 

I think my salary goes to the gadgets half the time. 
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Kory is an active dad and cyclist

I’m a road biker.

And I used to do a lot more stationary biking in the off-season.

But, again, circumstances change, and now, you’re not even doing that as much as you’d like to be doing.

Cycling I love. My son and I go cycling a lot. He’s ten years old.

So that’s always something fun for us.

I got into a lot of the group rides with the bike shop in town once a week.

And then that led to doing some of the “older guy” races.

I did a couple crits back in the day and enjoyed that.

And then you have kids and that winds up diminishing a little bit.

But I tend to latch onto everything that a hobby has to offer.

And if you can take a little bit further, then I love to push the boundary.

After 40, you can’t eat that whole box of Ding Dongs
I’m a big guy to begin with.

I’m 6’5”, 270lbs, and there was a time when you could eat a box of Ding Dongs in an afternoon and nothing happens.

Those days are long gone - I’m 46 now.

So it’s that ability to keep your body active [that’s so important]. To keep it moving.

When you’re remote, if you’re not up walking around a lot, you get a lot of lactic acid that builds up in your joints. And again, I’m 46, so I feel that more often.

You gotta walk.

You gotta do something.

You gotta get up and be active. 
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And I think the BionicGym has really helped me become more active when I can’t necessarily be more active.  I’m very conscious of my blood pressure and things like that.


I can tell, when I haven’t exercised for a while, you know, I get that labored breathing and whatnot.

So that was something I really wanted - I was hoping - BionicGym would address, to keep my aerobic functions higher.

It’s so easy to let it go.

Cause it’s like you work to get it up, and it doesn’t go up overnight, but boy, it goes back down [snaps fingers] pretty quick!

What he says to people on the fence about BionicGym

A lot of people that I’ve communicated with think of it as the same type of product as you put the little electrical patches on your muscles that are aching, and you turn the frequency up.

And those gadgets have been around forever.

But I said, the difference in this - and I’ll show you - is,

I’m hot, I’m sweaty, and I’m sitting right here, working on my computer. And that was the defining moment for me, to say “aha, this is something different.”

And I can remember seeing your CEO doing a video on that as he was showing it, and his heart rate going up. And I went, “Oh.” 
That’s what connected me to it.

And I thought, “Oh, this might be legit, you know.” And so that’s kind of the special sauce that I convey to everyone else.

I say, “I know it seems too good to be true. But, it’s working. And it’s working because I can see the physical repercussions of it. I’m sweating. My breathing is escalating.”

Those things, I think, are the real tell-tales of adoption.

When I go in to have my quarterly visits to my doctor, everything’s in line. 

[Always follow your doctor’s advice and never stop medications without your doctor’s approval.]

I’m at the age now where if I didn’t have something in my life that was like this - that was working - I would be riding the rollercoaster a little bit more. 

And when I’m going in, my blood pressure’s even keel. 

He’s not putting me on blood pressure meds and whatever else you can put somebody on. 

It’s keeping me where I need to be. 

Is that saying I couldn’t do it on my own? 

No, it’s not. 

But it’s helping me do it on my own more.

It’s a tool.

About his family’s reaction to BionicGym

They think it’s hilarious.

I’ll be sitting there on the couch or the chair in the living room, and I have my legs out, and they’re just [makes shaking noise], they’re going all over the place.

And my wife just shakes her head at me. 
She’s like, “You and your gadgets.” 

And I’m like, “Look at my face. I’m red.” 

She goes, “I know. It’s just funny watching your legs just jump all over the place.”

And I say, “I’m only on a level 40 right now.”

And she asks, “How high does that go up?”

And I say, “Considerably higher.” [Laughs].

What would he say to other folks who are on the fence?

Proof is in the pudding. 

If you’re on the fence, and you haven’t used it, and you haven’t allowed it to prove you wrong, then you’re still doing yourself a disservice at this point.

You know, I had a problem with my original unit that came out, and I couldn’t get it working.

And there was something - it wasn’t doing it right. 
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And from start to finish, BionicGym made sure it got fixed.

And I was frustrated at the beginning, thinking, “Oh, I waited so long to get this. And the darn thing isn’t working”

But when you get emails back in a day or two days, and at least someone says, “Hey, I’m hammered right now. I’ll call you when I get a second.”

That’s what kept me on the hook. 

I go, “Okay, alright.

They’re backing this up, they want to help me, they want to fix this.

They enjoy their product and they believe in their product. So maybe I will too.”

Those things were a big deal to me, from a customer service standpoint, just phenomenal.


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