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How it Works

on March 07, 2019

We mimic shivering!  Nature’s hack..

Nature’s way of creating heat or burning calories is to shiver.  As you get colder you shiver more intensely but at the same rate (7-8Hz).  This is because the energy consumption is not related to the force or tension generated but rather the shortening and lengthening of the muscle fibers.  What happens is that more muscle fibers contract and relax at this magic rate.

Impulses through the BionicGym Wraps stimulate the motor-neurons [nerves-to-muscles] in the legs and gluteal muscles [bum] telling them to contract repeatedly.  (They relax or lengthen by themselves). This underlying technology, NMES, also known as EMS and TENS* has been around for 60-70 years but has not been sufficiently effective to induce cardiovascular/calorie burning/aerobic exercise before.  

If we can induce enough muscle to actively contract at optimal rates they will shout out for blood to supply the oxygen and energy.  Your cardiovascular system [heart and blood vessels] works harder to deliver this blood, i.e. it trains.  You’ll become more breathless and in time heat up – even sweat… after all it’s nature’s way to warm up.

I, Dr Louis Crowe, have done thousands of mini-experiments to optimize the technology.  I’ve done larger studies with wonderful colleagues in universities, hospitals, in three countries (even in zero-gravity with the European Space Agency!).  I’ve suffered for and been elated with the science. Please visit our website and read the peer-reviewed scientific publications.

*NMES stands for neuromuscular electrical nerve stimulation.

EMS stands for electrical muscle stimulation.

TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.


We have just finished crowdfunding BionicGym (Jan 1st), Thanks to our wonderful backers we are in full production.  More than half of the backers will have their units shipped by February the seventh.  The rest will be rapidly on their heels.  We have a limited number of units in this batch that can ship early too (before the next production cycle).