BionicGym - June 06 2024

Why Runners Should
Fall in Love with BionicGym

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As avid runners, we cherish the thrill and benefits of hitting the pavement, but we've also discovered a fantastic companion to our routine: BionicGym.

Reasons to incorporate BionicGym into your fitness regimen:

Stay Fit While Injured: Injuries can sideline us, but BionicGym allows many people to safely continue training while injured (always seek and follow your medical therapist's advice). Regular bionicgym sessions can allow us to maintain our fitness levels and stay prepared for our return to running.

Rainy Day Solution: When the weather isn't cooperating and a run outside isn't feasible, BionicGym ensures we never miss a workout.

Busy Schedules: Juggling family responsibilities and finding time to run can be challenging. BionicGym fits seamlessly into our busy lives, allowing us to work out at home.

Joint-Friendly Workouts: Running on hard surfaces can be tough on our joints. BionicGym provides a gentle yet effective workout, reducing the strain on our bodies.

With BionicGym, you can supplement your running routine and enjoy the best of both worlds—staying fit and protecting your joints!

Dr. Louis' Expert Tip
"If you are training to run, do some running as well! Working muscles and joints in the feet is crucial. This is an important part of training to ensure proper muscle conditioning and bio-mechanics."

Rob's Story: A Testimonial of Recovery and Resilience

When a femur injury sidelined Rob from running for nearly eight weeks, he needed an effective way to stay fit and prepare for his return. Despite not being able to run, Rob has been sweating it out with BionicGym, maintaining a heart rate of 156 bpm during sessions. As he prepares to run again, Rob credits BionicGym for keeping him in top shape and aiding his safe return to running.

"It's a great alternative, especially if cross-training with swimming or biking isn't your thing. BionicGym will definitely be a big part of my return to running, helping me
come back safely and stronger." - Rob

Using BionicGym during injury recovery can help you stay active, preserve your fitness level, and prepare for a smooth transition back to your regular training routine. It's especially beneficial for those looking for a low-impact exercise option that is gentle on the joints.

*Everyone is different, so please consult with your doctor before training with BionicGym if you have an injury.

Stay active and keep moving forward with BionicGym, just like Rob did!

Check out this video of Rob giving his testimonial on BionicGym. Hear firsthand how BionicGym helped him stay fit during his recovery and how it's playing a crucial role in his return to running.

Watch Rob's Testimonial on BionicGym

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