Is BionicGym a scam?

Until people see BionicGym in action they often think it must be too good to be true… The idea that you could be on your couch training vigorously and actually burning calories is appealing, too appealing! You, like most people, may have seen late night infomercials for something that, at first, seems similar and are a little sceptical.


So, is BionicGym really too good to be true?


BionicGym is indeed wonderful and delivers real results which are proven and quantifiable. In addition to the hard science and scientific studies (published in peer-reviewed journals) we now have dozens of people training with the technology, loving it and posting their results. (See our backers community page to see real people getting real results.)


Once in use nobody asks “Is this exercise?” … it self-evidently is. People know what true exercise feels like. You begin to warm up, your breathing increases, your heart rate goes up… you feel all this (and, of course, this is very easy to measure and quantify). As you increase the intensity you’ll become more breathless and even sweat. A calorie is a term of heat. So when you are burning calories you are warming up… exercise enough and you will sweat. Indeed, some backers put it on at low levels when they are cold… just to warm up!


Our backers are a very tech-savvy lot and like to quantify and track their exercise – especially their BionicGym workouts. Many use heart rate monitors– these will also give an indication of the calories burnt – and have posted the results. Others post videos of their workout, you can see the sweat, hear the breathing and read their heart rate monitor. [Thank you backers for being so generous with your support and showing others how you too can exercise].


An increase in heart rate is the definition of cardio exercise. Here is the read-out of an extremely intense BionicGym session I did:


wearable exercise machine


Note: this was an extremely tough session! I was shattered after it. Many people when they say “BionicGym must be a scam because it is too good to be true” say so thinking that you just press a button and don’t feel anything. Because it is exercise you get all the sensations and challenges of exercise – they mistake it being super-convenient and ‘passive’ with it being easy.

Obviously, this graph is not typical – not everyone has a similar cardiac reserve/exercise capability as I had back then – but our backers are posting their results (including some getting through tougher workouts than I can do!).




The above are the Heart Rate readouts from beta-testers that would be more typical of results in the first few sessions (it takes a little while to get used to it).  There are dozens more posted in the forums.  [Note: the heart rate monitoring is not done by BionicGym, these were people who had third-party products to monitor their exercise].

But many people like to use it at lower intensities… they can double their metabolic rate (calorie burn) for hours while at work or watching TV. 

So BionicGym can really do something that we can be proud of, something many think is impossible.  But now dozens of backers are showing they can replicate the hard science and do the wonderful everyday.

We are still crowdfunding BionicGym, visit our Indiegogo page to learn more about our product or to pre-order.