Frequently Asked Questions - User Questions and Tutorial Videos below

General Questions

How does BionicGym work?

Is this a get fit and lose weight fast scam?

Will it fit me? do the wraps come in different sizes?

Is this like those ab-toners?

Can overweight men/women use it effectively?

When will BionicGym get the FDA clearance?

How can I change my shipping address?

Users Questions

I have difficulty connecting the unit to the app

"Electrode Check" Error /MeSSage with Red LED

There is a solid RED LED on the unit.

I have skin redness, is that dangerous?

Sweating and grip of electrodes.

Sharp skin sensations

Cramping on the inner leg

Contractions too strong at X

BionicGym won’t turn ON/OFF

The unit switches OFF

Is the battery charging /fully charged ?