Exercise in a box

Exercise in a box

Do you wonder how electric muscle stimulation is used by Bionicgym?

Training hard for years seeking to enhance your muscles or probably to lose weight in order to get your target shape, but you end up idling your time away under stress and fatigue without achieving your ultimate goal.

Tired and seeking for alternatives? Full schedule and a lot of errands to run per day do not allow you to workout efficiently?

Our fabulous solution is a particular effective device that has been made for you!

Electric muscle stimulation is the chosen technology with which BionicGym device work; also called Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES). This tech is mainly in charge of sending high Hz rate electrical signals. It is destined to dive in the depth of the muscle cells so as to trigger a certain contract between the muscle fibers and more precisely Type I or Type II.

Is it crystal clear how does our invention work out the parts of your body using the NMES technology. The science of the later is heavily used to meet your needs; building up your body as well as increasing its performance is our main concern. This brief introduction paves the road to some queries such as: how can the use of EMS technology replace the performance and recovery of both Aerobic and Anaerobic exercises? How does the shivering process get you rid of all the unwanted pounds? What are the benefits of our wearable machine on your body as well as your health?

In order to come up with a persuasive answer to these questions, we ought to go through the different aspects of Aerobic and Anaerobic activities, in other words a comparison between the two disciplines. Then, we will explain to you in further details how the BionicGym device functions; we put emphasis on explaining its natural aerobic and anaerobic effect and the shivering process. Our wearable cardio exercise machine is dedicated to make your sporty lifestyle much easier than ever before!

An Aerobic Athlete

The body of an aerobic athlete has a physiology that is structured to maximize the level of endurance and reduces the amount of fatigue that is accumulated during a workout. His body uses oxygen efficiently to empower the muscles and sustain a maximum level of performance for a long period of time.

Athletes of this category possess a superior cardiovascular system. Aerobic athletes have low heart rate resistance thanks to the increased activity of the parasympathetic nervous system. Their heart rate will be lower during an exercise which provides it with more time to be filled with a lot of oxygenated blood and thus provides the muscles with more fuel.

Slow-twitch Type I fibers are the only muscle fiber variety that reap a gripping benefit from the oxygenated blood. While aerobic exercise is worked out, a higher rate of Type I fibers is generated by aerobic athletes. Furthermore, the produced amount of fatigue resistant fibers is combined with mitochondria. Thus, the advanced the ratio of type I fibers becomes the more of mitochondria gets. In order to get a considerable amount of energy, we need extra oxygen that itself needs the mitochondria. Also, oxygen is needed for the cells so as to generate some energy in the mitochondria.

An Anaerobic Athlete

Unlike aerobic athlete who produce some energy along with the exercise where the body uses oxygen without any external energy. The anaerobic athlete’s physiology does not rely on the oxygen of the body but the energy accumulated in the muscles.

Sprinting, interval training, jumping rope and even more are some examples of anaerobic exercises which require a lot of energy. As a consequence, the athlete gets easily tired because this type of sport is not really resistant against exhaustion and fatigue. Obviously, both of the exercises differ widely from each other. The reason behind the lack of resistance to fatigue is the rapid level and dominant lactic acid addition. Nevertheless, the fact that the lactic acid is not sufficient for persistence does not mean that it is useless for workout. Little did we know, the lactic acid could also be used to generate further energy in a very quick way.

I guess you, now, have a clear idea about both of the athletes, but we still have not yet revealed something extremely interesting. Have you ever heard of an invention that provides you with almost the same effect as aerobic and anaerobic exercises? Whether you have never or you have heard about it, you probably need to get further information that will entirely astonish you and defeat all your expectations. It is not far from aerobic and anaerobic, but it modifies and adds extra advantages to the cardio exercises and to the previous mentioned sports. Down below you shall figure out all what we unfold about this amazing invention. Here we go!   

Ready for working out more comfortably than ever?


The best suited device “BionicGym

As with the most inventions and creations, we have mimicked shivering and cardio exercises in order to come up with this new product!

In fact, whether you choose aerobic or anaerobic exercise your ultimate goal remains eventually the same. You either want to lose weight, to manage waste, to produce fuel or to build muscle mass. However, these traditional methods are time and energy- consuming and demand sometimes a big budget.

BionicGym device is designed specifically for you! This outstanding invention is a calorie burning device that trains your whole body all at once!  It’s a cardio prolonged stimulation exercise that aims to improve your aerobic capacity and trains you harder while sitting on the couch!

In other words, our exceptional device allows you to train your whole body every day and anytime while doing your daily activities such as working, watching, eating, having fun and the list can go on and ON!

As mentioned before, BionicGym adds upon older technology, NMES, to help induce a facsimile of shivering! It works by stimulating the motor-neurons in your body to create a state of shivering, starting in your legs and buttocks, to work out your muscles and produce heat! While this underlying technology has been around six decades it has never been studied on its effectiveness as an exercise before our product. Also, researchers have shown that NMES is truly useful in upgrading either anaerobic or aerobic practice.

The practice of anaerobic and aerobic activities needs to be constantly enhanced and expanded in terms of performance and recovery. The application of the NMES technology existing in our device helps pretty much in this case. For both of the activities, BionicGym has prepared some programs to motivate Type I and Type II Fibers, removing out the guesswork on how hard the training process would be.

Fascinatingly enough, what happens is the muscles in your body begin to expand and contract at a rate of roughly (7-8 Hz). The colder you get, or in the case of our device, the higher the intensity you set it on, the greater the amount of these contractions. This is because the optimal rate of shivering remains the same but only gets higher intense and works the muscles harder!

Through this method, we can artificially make you shiver. This will cause your body to need more oxygen for your muscles to work and more energy from foods and, ultimately, fat reserves! Doesn’t it remind you of the Aerobic sport? The athlete relies heavily on the presence of oxygen in order to fuel metabolism, so does our machine!

In reality, the harder the device makes you shiver the more energy you will burn, the more breathless you will become, and the hotter you will get.

Shivering keeps you away from hypothermia!

After all, this is nature’s way of warming you up to keep safe from hypothermia! As you can see, these are the same effects traditional training (aerobic and anaerobic) and exercise have on the body. Work –out easily and efficiently, from slow paced during daily activities or fast paced for a quick, high intensity workout that will leave you energetically breathless! Therefore, you start waving goodbye to the risk of suffering from hypothermia.

Incredibly enough, the inventor of this machine, himself, works out regularly all parts of his body using his own invention. Dr Louis Crowe has done and conducted thousands of small-scale experiments in order to optimize this technology. Some larger studies have been done in collaboration with colleagues in different organizations and countries, such as in hospitals, universities, and even in zero-gravity environments with the European Space Agency. The frustrating and exhilaratingly spectacular in the journey that has brought the science to where it is now.

We are still in the process of crowdfunding Bionicgym. Please visit our different pages on social media, our Indiegogo page and our website to go through our demonstrating articles and videos; therefore to learn more about this incredible product. Pre-order for you and your loved ones, or just spread the wonderful news about this miraculous invention!

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